Monday, April 27

Our Website Now Offers a Calling Service that Connects you to your Local Representative! Click To Call, and Tell them to Keep Wisconsin's Prevailing Wage Law!

Monday, April 13

A Study on Wisconsin's Prevailing Wage Law has been released that shows the vital role the law has in our state Economy.

Click Here to Read the Study

Click Here to Read the Wisconsin Contractor Coalition's Response


Monday, April 6

Wisconsin Infrastructure Investment Now Releases Eye-Opening Video Explaining How Essential Prevailing Wage is to Our Economy


Also, The Legislative Fiscal Bureau Released an Analysis about the Potential Cost of Prevailing Wage to Taxpayers. Their Report States that Removing Prevailing Wage Will Not Yield Significant Savings. 

Click Here to Read Their Unbiased Analysis

Working together image

As construction employers in Wisconsin, we are proud of the strong labor-management partnership we have in this state.

This partnership enables us to pay our employees family-supporting wages because in return they approach their trade as professionals, constantly improving their skills and providing us with efficiencies that making Wisconsin's workforce highly competitive.

  A nationally renowned expert refutes claims made in an       ABC-funded study. 

 Click Here to read how Prevailing Wage works for Wisconsin

Also, A new report reveals workers add significant value to the economy, build better roads at a lower cost. This new study reveals that Prevailing Wage is proven to provide better and more efficient construction for our state infrastructure

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