Milwaukee Public Radio "Lake Effect": Global Economist's Take on Right-to-Work (audio)

Dr. Abdur Chowdhury is the Chair of the Economics Department at Marquette University and serves on the academic advisory council for the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago. Prior positions include five years as the Chief Economist of the United Nations Econo…

Talking Points Against Right to Work

OALITION Talking points on Right to Work and Prevailing Wage FINAL â…Work and Prevailing Wage in Wisconsin. Any number of polls and stati /index.php/news/2015/03/talking-points-against-right-work

Wisconsin Contractor Coalition Statement on "Repeal of Prevailing Wage" Legislation

Repeal of Prevailing WagePrevailing wage laws ensure that all businesses are able to …and on budget by career craftsmen. Repeal of prevailing wage laws will hurt Wisconsin employers /index.php/news/2015/03/wisconsin-contractor-coalition-statement-repeal-prevailing-wage-legislation