Wisconsin Contractor Coalition Statement on "Repeal of Prevailing Wage" Legislation

Repeal of Prevailing WagePrevailing wage laws ensure that all businesses are able to …and on budget by career craftsmen. Repeal of prevailing wage laws will hurt Wisconsin employers /index.php/news/2015/03/wisconsin-contractor-coalition-statement-repeal-prevailing-wage-legislation

Prevailing wage laws curtail unscrupulous contractors

Dennis Gasper writes that the prevailing wage law must go. I vehemently disagree. Heâ…worked in both the North and the South where prevailing wage is not in effect. Studies have shown that ev /index.php/news/2015/03/prevailing-wage-laws-curtail-unscrupulous-contractors

Repealing prevailing wage is bad for Wisconsin

n has responded to misinformation concerning Prevailing Wage that has been spread by the Associated Build…cusses the importance of Wisconsin's current Prevailing Wage Law and breaks down the statistics to make h /index.php/news/2015/03/repealing-prevailing-wage-bad-wisconsin

Wisconsin Business News Recognizes the WCC's Latest Study on Prevailing Wage

eport from contractors outlines drawbacks of prevailing wage repeal 4… some have argued would be the benefits of a prevailing wage repeal. The report comes on the heels of a /index.php/news/2015/04/wisconsin-business-news-recognizes-wccs-latest-study-prevailing-wage

WCC Responds to Misleading AFP Study

AFP Prevailing Wage 2015 elections would go down if the state's prevailing wage laws were repealed. After reviewing their re… the critics of the state's prevailing wage laws continue to rely on two extraordinarily /index.php/news/2016/07/wcc-responds-misleading-afp-study

Out-of-State Contractor Project Awards up 53%!

Beginning January 1, 2017, municipal public works projects no longer enjoyed the protection of a prevailing law. After only four months with no prevailing wage protection, municipal projects awarded to out-of-state contractors is up 53% this year compared…
vailing law. After only four months with no prevailing wage protection /index.php/news/2017/05/out-state-contractor-project-awards-53