Apr, 2015 Blog Posts
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Nationally Renowned Economics Professor Releases Study on the Benefits of Wisconsin's Prevailing Wage Law

News Click Here to Read the most recent research on why the Prevailing Wage Law in Wisconsin is essential to our state's economic success. Also, Click Here to read our response …… /index.php/news/2015/04/nationally-renowned-economics-professor-releases-study-benefits-wisconsins-prevailing-wage-law

Wisconsin Business News Recognizes the WCC's Latest Study on Prevailing Wage

News Report from contractors outlines drawbacks of prevailing wage repeal 4/13/2015 The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition is releasing a report contradicting what some have a…… /index.php/news/2015/04/wisconsin-business-news-recognizes-wccs-latest-study-prevailing-wage

Green Bay Press Gazette Publishes Article Explaining the Need for Prevailing Wge

News "Prevailing wage laws allow contractors to include long-run costs of creating and maintaining a skilled, experienced and safe construction labor force in their public bids, if…… /index.php/news/2015/04/green-bay-press-gazette-publishes-article-explaining-need-prevailing-wge