Right to Work Letter to your Senator

Mar 02, 2015

Dear Senator ___________________

I am a private sector employer. I own a business and I and many of my colleagues oppose Right to Work.

We are builders. We build all kinds of things–hospitals, schools, banks, manufacturing facilities, roads and bridges. We help build Wisconsin’s economy. We take pride in what we do and we believe we do it better here than anywhere else.

We build something else very special too. We build relationships with the men and women who provide the skilled labor for our projects. They are our partners in building Wisconsin.

That partnership is critical to our success and the success of our client projects, public and private. Our work quality, work ethic, skilled tradespeople and our client relationships are the envy of much of the country. In fact, we take our coveted workforce to build projects across America and the wages come back here to Wisconsin.

But now there are politicians and groups who want to use Right to Work to get the government involved in a private-sector contract between my employees and me. That undermines the relationship between employer and employee and frankly, the government doesn’t belong there.

The work we do requires great skill, ongoing training and a stable and available workforce. My employees earn a family-supporting wage which means that they stay with me and stay in the industry for years, many retiring where they began, in the professional trades. They pay taxes, they spend money that supports local economies. And through union membership they pay their own way for medical benefits, pensions and continuous training. They get no government or taxpayer assistance for any of those things. Not one penny.

These are the folks who pay in, not the ones who take out.

My business and hundreds more like it have operated successfully in this way for generations. More than 400 of my friends in the industry know this Right To Work idea is bad for business and have stood up to say so. Now I’m saying so too.

Right to Work will disrupt the workplace environment, it will threaten our privately funded training facilities and it will negatively impact our ability to encourage young men and women to work in the trades. That’s already a challenge.

I ask you on behalf of my employees, my contractor friends and competitors, my own business and the taxpayers of Wisconsin who benefit from the work we do, please don’t support Right to Work. It will do real and long-term damage to our industry and negatively impact earning potential for thousands of hard-working people.



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