Wisconsin Contractor Coalition Executive Board Announced

Mar 02, 2015

Group’s membership expands to 350 private businesses united to oppose so-called right-to-work legislation

(MADISON, WI) –The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition, which now has grown to 350 private businesses across the state, today announced its Executive Board as it continues to aggressively oppose any so-called right-to-work legislation.

The Board of Directors include:

  • Bill Kennedy – Rock Road Companies, Janesville
  • Tripp Ahern—J.F. Ahern Co., Fond du Lac
  • Edward Reesman—Payne & Dolan, Inc., Waukesha
  • Dean Basten- Miron Construction Co., Inc., Neenah
  • Cliff Mashuda—Mashuda Contractors, Inc., Princeton

“The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition is excited to have these well-known job creators as the leaders in our efforts to oppose Right to Work legislation,” said Steve Lyons, coalition spokesperson. “Combined, these companies, with these individuals at the helm create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin. They understand firsthand the negative impact this bill will have on their businesses.”

Bill Kennedy is president of Rock Road Companies, a company founded by his grandfather in 1913. The company is based in Janesville and employs 100+ people and does a variety of road construction work across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Tripp Ahern is president and CEO of J.F. Ahern Company. He has been with the company for 26 years. Tripp lives in Fond du Lac with his family. The J.F. Ahern Company was founded in 1880 and currently employs approximately 1,100 people, nearly 800 of whom work in Wisconsin.

Edward Reesman serves as senior vice president for Payne & Dolan, Inc. in Waukesha. He has been with the company for 53 years and resides in Waterford with his family. Payne & Dolan, Inc. was founded in 1926 and currently employs 800 people.

Dean Basten serves as secretary/treasurer and CFO of Miron Construction Company in Neenah. He is a resident of Menasha. Miron Construction Company was created in 1918 and employs approximately 1,200 people.

Cliff Mashuda serves as president of Mashuda Contractors, Inc. He has been involved in the family business since 1974. Cliff and his family reside in Princeton, WI. Mashuda Contractors, Inc. employs approximately 150 employees.

The WCC is a bipartisan advocate for legislative, regulatory and public policies affecting the construction industry in the new legislative session. WCC’s 350 members are businesses ranging in size from less than 10 employees to over 1,000 employees and are located throughout the State.

“Wisconsin construction companies have a strong partnership with private-sector trade groups to build infrastructure that helps our economy grow. WCC believes so-called right-to-work legislation would seriously diminish what is very beneficial for all parties involved,” said Steve Lyons, WCC spokesperson. “We continue to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to protect this partnership that is so vital to Wisconsin’s economy.”

“Wisconsin has a workforce shortage, not a jobs shortage. Today Wisconsin has over 70,000 jobs that need to be filled. Many of which are from the skilled trades. Reducing their wages, their health insurance and their pension, does not help Wisconsin fill these jobs,” added Lyons.

“So-called right-to-work puts Wisconsin’s historic business partnership at risk,” Lyons said. “Construction trade workers come to work ‘job ready’ with all the necessary training; training paid with private money. It’s a winning formula for private sector construction companies that should be maintained.”

The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition (WCC) is an informal group of businesses united in opposition to any right-to-work legislation, and changes to Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law. The WCC mission is to be a leading bipartisan advocate of legislative, regulatory and public policies affecting the construction industry in Wisconsin.

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