Wisconsin Contractor Coalition Statement on "Repeal of Prevailing Wage" Legislation

Mar 02, 2015

The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition opposes the "Repeal of Prevailing Wage" legislation.

Our statewide coalition of over 350 private sector businesses works with our partners in the construction trades on a daily basis. We know that the current system is effective in delivering quality work, done by a well-trained workforce, at a fair price to Wisconsin taxpayers.

This direct legislative assault on Wisconsin construction businesses and workers, the people who build and maintain our critical infrastructure, is one we will strongly oppose.

"Prevailing wage laws ensure that all businesses are able to fairly bid on public works projects, spur local economic growth and ensure quality projects that are done on time and on budget by career craftsmen. Repeal of prevailing wage laws will hurt Wisconsin employers, workers and taxpayers." — Bill Kennedy, Executive Board Member, Wisconsin Contractor Coalition


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