Shilling opposes out-of-state effort to lower worker wages

Jul 05, 2016

MADISON: Senate Democratic Leader-elect Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released the following statement regarding the news that out-of-state special interests are once again targeting working families in Wisconsin and promoting "Right to Work for Less" legislation:

"Too many men and women in Wisconsin are struggling as a result of our state's lagging economy and stagnant family wages. We've seen the unfortunate impact of previous anti-worker policies that have taken money out of our local communities and made it more difficult for working families to make ends meet."

"Rather than promoting divisive policies aimed at lining the pockets of out-of-state special interests, we need to look at pro-growth initiatives that will improve Wisconsin's economy from the ground up and create good-paying jobs. I hope Gov. Walker will put an end to the uncertainty for workers and businesses by promising to veto any'Right to Work' for Less legislation that gets to his desk."

SOURCE: Press release

Category: Prevailing Wage

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