Out-of-State Contractor Project Awards up 53%!

May 22, 2017

Beginning January 1, 2017, municipal public works projects no longer enjoyed the protection of a prevailing law. After only four months with no prevailing wage protection, municipal projects awarded to out-of-state contractors is up  53% this year compared to 2016. Contractors from Kentucky, Missouri and Florida are taking Wisconsin work.

Municipal projects awarded to out-of-state contractors  January – April 2016 was $20.9M. For the same time period in 2017, out-of-state contractors were awarded $32M in work. This trend should be alarming to all Wisconsinites. Take a look at the supporting documents listed below to learn more:

5/22/2017 Legislative Newsletter 

Jan. – April 2016 Out-of-State Contractor Awards Only

Jan. – April 2017 Out-of-State Contractor Awards Only 

Jan. – April 2016 All Local Projects 

Jan. – April 2017 All Local Projects

Category: Prevailing Wage

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